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I wasn’t raised in, nor have I ever been in an environment, where people yell, hit or throw things when they are upset. I was nervous that this was going to be a big question for us and one that generated significant discussion. The answers to these questions had the potential to be deal-breakers, and we wanted to be sure we were aligned (at best), and not blissfully ignorant (at worst). How do you handle conflict or get things off your chest when you are upset?and a better view” (2013) to provide perspectives on love, marriage, divorce and everything in between.There's a scary moment in every new relationship is when it gets serious — when you can suddenly feel things going from being fun/easy/casual to "holy crap, this could be something real." The butterflies in your stomach are still there, and you're still super excited about being with your new partner, but things have moved past questioning "will they or won't they text me again" into a whole new phase of your relationship. There are, of course, the obvious tell-tale signs of when a relationship is getting to the next level. When someone hits them, even unintentionally, it’s like hitting the nerve on a tooth. We talked significantly about where our sensitive spots were and how to avoid ever hitting those intentionally or unintentionally. Do you practice any religion or have a strong faith? There are just certain spots that remain tender and sensitive.

My faith is very important to me, and Justin’s faith was hugely important to him as well.Thankfully he’s not the jealous type, nor am I, and that proved to be a short, but important, discussion. What is your relationship like with your parents and/or siblings?If you watch how someone treats his/her family, it tends to provide great insight as to how he/she is going to treat you and your family. We all come into relationships with chips on our shoulder (or baggage) from past experiences. He was born to be their bonus dad and has embraced the role with his entire being. What impact have your prior relationships had on you (any ‘bruises’ to know about)?

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