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But you don’t need studies and analytics to see the trend if you spend any time at all online.Astrology is everywhere — it’s inescapable — in “Dating is scary.Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.

If you sprained your eyes rolling them — trust me — you aren’t alone.

Luna tells me, “If I go on a first date and ask them their star sign, I can calculate their crazy levels.

Like for instance, if they say they’re a Scorpio, I run the other way.”“Astrology is a genderless faith immune to the patriarchy,” Stephanie, who is 25 and a budding astrologer, says.

“Every religion teaches we must take responsibility for our actions, and we must be ethical. “You cannot blame a planetary aspect for your mistakes or bad behavior.

We have free will and the need to take full responsibility for our actions.” But she explains that basically, astrology is bigger than religion and actually, it’s written in the stars whether we are destined to be a believer or not.

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The cynical part of me also sees evaluating someone according to their sun sign as another crude return to our roots in tribalism.

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