Dating vintage celestion speakers

The G12H and G12M speakers are the most popular Celestion greenback models.

*Power handling increased by 5 watts around late 1967 due to a change in the voice coil design.

The T1221 was the stock speaker in Marshall lead guitar 4×12 cabinets (1960 model cabs) from the mid 1960’s up until the late 1970’s and was also used by many other brands at the time.

As such it is an absolute classic speaker and can be heard on countless albums.

The T1134 model was probably the first ‘G12H’ speaker Celestion ever made.

According to the Celestion log book, it was first introduced in Nov 1964 and has an impedance of 10-12 Ohms.

Marshall were using them in 4×12 cabs by late 1965, and I once owned one dated March 1965.

After a few years of non-production in the 1980’s (what were they thinking?

They were mainly used by Selmer, probably as a successor to the T731 alnico.

Famously used by Angus Young and an important ingredient in Van Halen’s “brown sound”.

The date of entry into the Celestion log book is 6th May 1966 (see Michael Doyle – ‘History of Marshall’ book – p137), however they were definitely made earlier than this.

Over time Celestion made small changes to the specification, probably to make the speaker more durable.

This included; more doping on the cone edge, and increased power handling.

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The T1221 went through a lot of changes through the years.

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