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17 The request for original research on what appear to be rare and ex-treme events necessitated a comparative case study approach.However, the aim of the case studies was not to generate certain, scien- tific knowledge about the causes, consequences, and effective methods of preventing and controlling these events.Although they are phrased in terms of what to do if you have "a friend" in a given situation, the scenarios are designed to educate everyone.The method of this online workbook is to help users analyze actual workplace scenarios, put themselves in the role of both victim and harasser, and covertly practice what they would do if a similar incident occurred.Congress had pro- vided some guidance to the committee on this matter by specifying eight incidents that were illustrative of the problem they considered important to take up and that might be suitable for detailed study.The practical part of the problem, given that resources were available for only six cases, was to select from among those listed.CASE SELECTION The first challenge was to choose the particular cases to be developed.This task had both practical and scientific elements.

This possibility encouraged us to take up the important scientific 19PART I: CASE STUDIES OF LETHAL SCHOOL VIOLENCE question of what the relationship might actually be between the form of lethal school violence that was concentrated in inner-city schools and the seemingly newer form of lethal school violence that erupted in suburban schools in the late 1990s. One was that the different forms of violence were the products of similar causes that played out differently in the different community contexts.

The desire to be disciplined in the development of the cases forced us to take up three important study design issues: (1) how the cases would be selected for study, (2) what information would be sought across all the cases, and (3) what sources of information would be used.

We sought to answer these questions in a way that would maximize the evidentiary and inferential power of the cases—again, recognizing in Part I Case Studies of Lethal School Violence 18 DEADLY LESSONS: UNDERSTANDING LETHAL SCHOOL VIOLENCE advance that the cases would fall short of providing definitive scientific answers.

But no incidents had what seemed to be the key character- istic of multiple victimizations including fatalities occurring in the same incident.

That preliminary finding was a very important one to the committee.

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