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Violence between dating partners represents a significant public health problem. Victims face the threat of injury and also an elevated risk of substance abuse, poor health, sexually risky behavior, pregnancy, and suicide. teens report dating someone who became violent with them.This perspective is usually new to teens — especially Latino teens in families that have recently immigrated — who may be unfamiliar with their rights under U. The evaluation was conducted in ninth-grade health classes in 11 Los Angeles Unified School District high schools.All of the school populations had more than 80 percent Latino students.

Jaycox LH, Mc Caffrey DF, Ocampo BW, Shelley GA, Blake SM, Peterson DJ, Richmond LS, and Kub JE, “Challenges in the Evaluation and Implementation of School-Based Prevention and Intervention Programs on Sensitive Topics,” This publication was supported by a cooperative agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC: US4/CCU918991).

Researchers assessed the program’s immediate impact and longer-term impact (six months later) on student knowledge and judgments about dating violence, student propensity to seek help, and the level of victimization and dating violence experienced by students after the intervention.

The evaluation found that the intervention had modest but significant effects in three areas: student knowledge, attitudes about female-on-male violence, and attitudes about seeking help (see the table).

Furthermore, most teens reported that they do not confide in or trust the adults in their social network.

Teens also expressed reluctance to intervene in dating violence situations and did not perceive that their help would be effective.

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