Dating website for chinese singles

Sites like Asian, AForeign (Love,,, and countless others that post many fake women members, send out countless fake messages and chat invitations by these fake members, and charge excessive fees to read each message, to reply to each message, for each moment chatting with a paid employee or agent, and multiply the charges by forcing the member to pay for translation for all the fakery.

They’ve already tried dating on other Asian or Chinese sites, but discovered too late they were on one of the many dating scam sites.

If you’re looking for some other kind of dating, then we are not for you and you are not for us. But if that does describe you, then you’ve just landed on the best website on the internet for you, bar none.

CLM is the one dating site in the Chinese relationship niche that sincerely looks out for its members, and strives to assist them in succeeding to not only find a true love, but in making it last forever. We protect them from scammers, we try to educate them on what to look for in a good western man, and what not to expect, and we provide a great forum for all members to communicate with each other and help each other succeed.

A modern China woman adapts well to new cultures, surroundings and people.

Your new lady will fit right in with your family and friends and your home country.

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