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I haven't actually used Oasis Active for 9 years now, so my review isn't exactly the most up to date but thought I'd add it anyway!

I joined up to meet people and make some new friends, and did meet many interesting characters from it - some good and not so good, but all interesting life experiences!

Fast forward a year later and we were chatting and realised we'd be in the same area so decided to actually catch up finally.

We're now nearly 9 years down the track, traveled the world, bought a house, 5 years of marriage, had a beautiful baby girl, started a business and created a wonderful life together!

I think a real investigation needs to take place and I am following up.I wasn't exactly looking for anything nor did I have great expectations so took each contact with a grain of salt.Then one day I was contacted by someone on there, we chatted a bit, made plans to meet up and added each other on Facebook and we became "mates" but our plan to meet up never eventuated.She contacted me and although she purported to be Irish had a very strong Asian accent. And worse, they sell your info(from real profiles) to other parties. And so everybody who don’t comprehend the science of “free vs paid” websites, here it’s how it works in reality: they DO make money of you. And much more than if they would be charging you directly. Even other dating websites advertise on “oasis active”.You probably noticed an influx of spam emails arriving to your mail box!! So, don’t fool yourself with some comments here such as “you get what you pay for (or not)”. I swear to god not one person i have met on this website is trustworthy. Unlike other dating sites, you can actually filter the criteria like age and location.

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