Dating women talking about themselves

By making them aware of it, you can change the entire dynamics of your friendship.

Ask yourself these questions to prepare before talking about it with your friend: Here is an example of a conversation addressing the “listener’s trap”:“Hey Paul, I wanted to talk to you for a minute.

The sharing principle goes like this: Why does this work?

When you start sharing more about yourself, you break the pattern of the listener’s trap.

Let them know how serious of a problem their unwillingness to share the conversation is.

Hopefully, this will motivate them to make a change.

This is different from accusing your friend about what they think and feel (which will make them defensive and upset).

Instead of saying “You do this”, and “You do that”, say instead, “I feel ____________ when __________ happens.”This makes the same point without making your friend defensive.

Often, people don’t realize that they are monopolizing the conversation.I like this trick because you can use it in almost any conversation and it’s also interesting for the other person.Here’s how you use the “opinion trick” in 3 quick and easy steps:“I have this problem I want to hear your opinion on.The other person will no longer see you as just the listener so they won’t talk as much.Also, when you share personal details about yourself, the other person will start becoming more interested and invested in you as a person.

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