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Dyagileva was greatly influenced by Letov and Alexander Bashlachev, who were her friends.

She both played solo and performed with others, including Yegor Letov and bands Grazhdanskaya Oborona and Velikiye Oktyabri ("Great Octobers").

The earliest of Yanka's poetry that has survived is from 1985.

In December 1985 she traveled to Leningrad, where she may have met Alexander Bashlachev. In April 1987, Yanka met Egor Letov and joined his band Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Gr. From 1988–1990 Yanka toured and performed with the band.

Unconfirmed accounts indicate that a few of Yanka's close friends received postcards from her on .

The text was (approximately): "May everything be good with you. May God protect you from misfortune." Yanka and her music became more widely known across Russia after her death.

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