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Link for the lazy: Got same error after my system restarted.

This is marked as closed but I seem to keep coming across same errors.

MVMC 3.1 Pre-requisites MVMC 3.1 can only be installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2.

After seeing David Johnson's comment about BITS, I have enabled that feature on SBS2011, rebooted and finally it is converting disks.

Because of which 'test' got different IP address than it had earlier.

anadda ~ $ ls NAME ACTIVE DRIVER STATE URL SWARM DOCKER ERRORS test - virtualbox Running tcp://192.76 Unknown Unable to query docker version: Get https://192.76/v1.15/version: x509: certificate is valid for 192.1, not 192.1 default - virtualbox Stopped Unknown anadda ~ $ anadda ~ $ env Error checking TLS connection: Host is not running anadda ~ $ env test Error checking TLS connection: Error checking and/or regenerating the certs: There was an error validating certificates for host "192.76": x509: certificate is valid for 192.1, not 192.1 You can attempt to regenerate them using 'docker-machine regenerate-certs [name]'.

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Certain Python platforms (specifically, versions of Python earlier than 2.7.9) have restrictions in their ssl module that limit the configuration that urllib3 can apply.

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