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Lonely and timid, he is more interested in his studies than his social life. Despite Peter's reputation as a "nerd", both Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy are attracted to him.

Unaware to his peers, Peter is actually a masked vigilante with spider-like super-powers named "Spider-Man", an alias which he took up to atone for his uncle's murder, something for which he was partially responsible.

After going through several different jobs and getting into trouble at school for being tired from working, she wants to stop working to avoid any more problems, but then the owner of the store where she wanted to buy her Homecoming dress offers her a job as a salesperson.

Mary Jane has an argument with Liz because she thinks it is wrong that Liz always calls Flash stupid.

A second digest, collecting Mary Jane: Homecoming, again sold well enough to justify the continuation of the series.

Following writer Mc Keever winning an Eisner Award for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition in summer 2005, Marvel announced that the third series, titled Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane and launching in December 2005, would be an ongoing title and not another miniseries.

Called "MJ" by her friends, one of the most popular girls in high school and seemingly always in a good mood.Marvel had decided to launch a comic book series with a female lead to attract young female readers after seeing a growing number of girls becoming comic readers through manga, and had chosen Mary Jane because of her popularity stemming from the Spider-Man film series (Spider-Man 2 was released two weeks after Mary Jane #1).However, due to low sales the series was discontinued after its fourth issue, with Marvel waiting to see how the digest-sized trade paperback collecting the four issues would sell, before deciding whether the series should be canceled for good or not.She also wants to break up with Harry, because he is only a friend to her, but just as she is about to dump him, she realizes what a nice guy he is and how much she likes him.Later, after accidentally taking home Flash's notebook and flipping through it, Mary Jane finds out that Flash has a crush on her.

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It was originally written by Sean Mc Keever with art by penciller Takeshi Miyazawa (who left after issue #15 and was replaced by David Hahn, but continued providing covers) and colorist Christina Strain.

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