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Where this film shines is in the moral dilemmas it sets out to the characters.It turns out that the protagonist’s wife actually works for the guy who’s planning to build the redevelopment, so there’s a conflict of interests between the two and one which quickly bubbles over into their marriage.Liz Vassey (Two and a Half Men) Cotter Smith (Alias) Eric Christian Olsen (Not Another Teen Movie) Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls) Parry Shen (The New Guy) Michael Reilly Burke (Mars Attacks) Sue Cremin (The Tao of Steve)Befitting the last episode of the formula-breaking second season, “Twas the Night Before Christmas …Again” once again threw Tru into an unknown situation with her case of the week.Whether it was because of their team up or the holiday season, the episode’s conclusion especially allowed these two rivals to end on a peaceful note.

Davis was also happy, though it was a false happiness on his girlfriend’s part.Overall, this makeshift series finale partially satisfied the audience while still leaving room to imagine what happened give props to the writers for coming up with six consecutive stories this short season that each took a different approach to the victim needing help.This episode provided minor indications that they were headed in this direction.Tru came closer to understanding that Jack is not the monster she claimed he originally was, and Jack sees that Tru does more good than just saving the victim.It did not leave off on a massive cliffhanger with any character in mortal danger.

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Actress Anna Chancellor, who met Grant while she was still at university, has recalled, "I first met Hugh at a party at Oxford.

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