David faustino dating katey sagal

Soon after, she was cast as Peggy Bundy on the hit series "Married…with Children" alongside Ed O'Neill, Christina Applegate, and David Faustino.

The show ran for more than a decade before its eventual end.

However, though it's been nearly two decades since the show ended, it almost feels like it never went anywhere considering all that the cast has been up to since its conclusion.

Christina Applegate largely stayed in the spotlight with multiple sitcoms and movie roles, Sagal is busy playing the fiercest badass on TV on Sons of Anarchy, and Ed O'Neill is just out there winning a bunch of Emmys in Modern Family alongside a new TV wife played by Sofia Vergara, and Faustino lends his voice to The Legend of Korra — their careers have all, for the most part, remained consistent, which can be tough after a hit sitcom. As aforementioned, Sagal is no stranger to television even 17 years after Married With Children ended for good.

Prior to that, he starred in a short-lived 2007 HBO series called from John From Cinncinati, and he also appeared in a campaign ad for President Barack Obama back in 2008 as his Married With Children character, Al Bundy.

Christina Applegate, of course, has been in countless projects since Married With Children ended in '97.

See full summary » After his two best friends find dates for themselves, Bud is desperately seeking Susan, or any girl that will date him. Hey, I know, how about a nice department store mannequin? [...] See more » Al has an invention where he gets Kelly to wear shoes with lights on them for an upcoming shoe convention in town.

Born Catherine Louise Sagal in 1954 in Los Angeles, California, Katey Sagal studied at the California Institute of the Arts and began acting in the early '70s.

She made her on-screen debut in the TV movie "The Failing of Raymond" in 1971 before scoring her first big part in Mary Tyler Moore's "Mary".

David Faustino may not have been in the spotlight as much as his co-stars have been since the series ended, but he's been around in a few projects as of late: In 2010, he starred in a satirical comedy with Ed Asner titled Not Another B Movie, he lent his voice to The Legend of Korra, guest-starred on an episode of Modern Family with his former TV dad O'Neill, and she had a web-series back in 2009 titled Star-Ving which, as aforementioned, included one of the first Married With Children reunions.

After his two best friends find dates for themselves, Bud is desperately seeking Susan, or any girl that will date him.

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