Daylight savings time not updating xp

it's happening right now on my Acer with XP SP2 on it - the clock is 1 hour early and will not change no matter what! I've been trying to find answers to this type of problem and this message board is all I can find.

Click Finish If you have any difficulty in patching your systems please send a support request to [email protected] call x714139.

With the recent changes to DST windows users must apply a patch to allow the system to update the time on the proper dates. Accept the License Agreement by selcting the "I Agree" radio button. The update application will now check to see if the patch needs to be applied.

The following page gives instructions on how to update your machine for the changes to DST. If it does not need to apply to patch a message box may pop up telling you it is not needed.

I went to Windows Update and tried to run the DST update.

I get this error message: Title: KB931836 Setup Error Message: Update cannot be installed as a newer or same timezone update has already been installed on the system I tried restarting my machine, hoping that perhaps the update had been installed but not yet applied. In my Date and Time Properties I do *not* have a tab for setting time from a time server. Start - Hello--I'm also having "dynamic, ongoing" reverting of the internal clock in my Windows 2000, and manual re-setting or setting of time zone doesn't stop it.

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