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Is sleeping separately a sign of relationship doom? Lots of couples sleep separately, and it doesn’t mean that their relationship is doomed.

That said, if you went from snuggling all night to separate sides of the bed to separate bedrooms, you may be experiencing some trouble in your relationship.

Not reaching your sleep REM state can be beneficial in certain circumstances, but sleep deprivation is not a therapy for depression to consider.

Individuals with depression may experience improvements when deprived of this stage of sleep.

A sleep study may be necessary to diagnose a sleep disorder.

What happens if you are not reaching your sleep REM stage?

Turns out, a recent study from Ryerson University in Toronto found that 30 – 40% of couples don’t sleep in the same bed, which is what we’ll be talking about this week on the Daytime show. Maybe your partner snores or has medical issues, or tosses and turns all night.

3) Don’t exercise or use electronics at least an hour before bed.

4) Solve temperature issues with a heating pad or electric blanket.

Conflicting information exists, but problems may occur in cognition and pain sensitivity, as well as in other areas according to some studies.

Studies on the subject of rapid eye movement and sleep deprivation have found: It may be difficult to unwind at night but having restful sleep is not only physically restorative but important for many cognitive functions.

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