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DBML display does not show new foreign key constraints In the case of stored procedure update, you should delete it from the file and reinsert it again.

But if the stored procedure have two paths (ex: if something; display some columns; else display some other columns), make sure the two paths have the same columns aliases!!!

There is a nuance to updating tables then updating the DBML...

But if you know some Linq-to-XML and can go to school on this project, you can get to where you want to be.

As you probably know Microsoft started its journey in ORM land with 2 frameworks: Linq to SQL, a lightweight ORM with some nice features and good performance but tightly coupled to SQL Server and Entity Framework which started as an ugly beast but is now transformed into a good, performant Enterprise ready ORM solution.

So Microsoft decided to stop investing in Linq to SQL and put al its effort in Entity Framework.

The second tool I know of are the Huagati DBML/EDMX tools, which allow update of DBML (Linq-to-SQL) and EDMX (Entity Framework) mapping files, and more (like naming conventions etc.).

Marc We use a custom written T4 template that dynamically queries the information_schema model for each table in all of our . DBML file with fresh schema info from the database.

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I has performed this change like that : 1) Creat a new column in database. 3) Now when i am building the project i am getting the complication error : Error 1 'Ai Live. Linq Chat Data Context' does not contain a constructor that takes 0 arguments D:\Ai-Media\Ai-Media\Ai-Live\Dev\VNext\Scs.root\Scs\Class Library\Live 111 42 Class Library Please response asap if anyone can help.

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