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Dropped my phone for a while and picked it up to see about 30 missed calls. One day one of them ‘blocked’ him after Church and asked why he allowed me to still dress like a single girl and he told her because that is how he met me. I was comfortable with him, and after the ‘big boy’ saga, I was also very comfortable with us building our lives together from scratch.

Gradually I realized I was always the one paying for stuff while ‘we waited’ for the next big break. I had a brain re-set and removed my heart from that place.Those people you expect to stand with you so you can fight ‘society’ are the same people you will run to ‘society’ to get cover from. You will hear how that time your parents were carrying Bible every evening to go to Uncle A’s house was because he got his secretary pregnant and they were praying with Aunty B to accept that everyone makes mistakes and allow the baby to come live with them when born.And how Uncle C would bring his girlfriends to the house and Aunty D would cook for them after they had had sex on her matrimonial bed.On my way home that day my mom kept calling to ask if the money I had gone to shop with was enough and what I wanted to eat and I was like...’am I dying today’?I got home and they were all acting funny, called me to the room and asked me to sit. All those cute things we used to awww about became annoying. I would cry all night on Saturdaybut would make it to Church and answer ‘ya mijin ki?! At the time, I knew marriage was tough and I wasn’t naive to think all the couples I knew were perfect.

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