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Warding Mods are completely useless, as we will get more than enough Defense Rating from our Enhancements, Earpiece, Implants, and passives.Lethal Mods turn all the wasted points you’d spend in extra Defense Rating and instead turn them into Power, a stat with no diminishing return that also greatly increases our damage output, and in turn, out threat production.Shrouded Crusader can act as an additional defensive cooldown, greatly increasing your Shield and Absorb Rating for 30 seconds.

Tanking relics are borderline useless, as they provide a negligible bonus to survivability, with the exception of Shrouded Crusader.This firstly allows us to use a “triple taunt” opener that virtually guarantees that you will not lose threat to anything but mechanics or death.It also always us to more effectively have a taunt ready when we need it.Here is a rundown of what our set bonus does for us, and whey each of these bonuses are important to us.Not as good as our 2-piece set bonus, but, still good nonetheless.

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In some cases, the ADW may encompass the entire home range of a pack, but in others, it may only encompass a portion.

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