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Mulroney's roles in Samantha (1991) and Where The Day Takes You (1992) awarded him Best Actor at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Mulroney appeared in a number of western films throughout this period, namely Young Guns in 1988, Silent Tongue and The Last Outlaw in 1993, and Bad Girls in 1994.

Several of his lead performances have been in romantic comedy films.

This would mark Mulroney's last on-screen appearance on television for a number of years, later revealing in a May 2007 interview that he had turned down TV series roles in favor of film.

Mulroney also is credited as a song performer on the movie and for four other tunes, as well as acting in the movie.

He occasionally reads stories on the WBEZ Chicago Public Radio.

In 1989, he appeared in Survival Quest, during which he met Catherine Keener.

While filming, in 1986, Keener was caught in a river current and floated precariously close to whitewater rapids when Mulroney jumped in and the pair were picked up half a mile downstream. The couple would go onto appear together in four other films: Living In Oblivion (1995), Heroine of Hell (1996), Box of Moonlight (1996) and Lovely & Amazing (2001).

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