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“In gameplay, I see it being like [Ultima] Underworld in the richness of its world simulation,” says Spector.

You shoot it out with terrorists wielding enough firepower to take on a third world army.”Explained that way, the nuggets of an early Deus Ex are clearly visible – the freedom of movement and opportunity for tactical creativity were key to Deus Ex’s eventual success too, for example.

Troubleshooter was actually pitched first to Origin Systems, by game designer Warren Spector, as you can see by the unearthed document.

Spector was sadly unable to get the game off the ground at Origin, but continued working on the pitch until he ended up at Ion Storm in the late 1990s.

“Troubleshooter was much more real-world based [than Deus Ex],” said Spector when we asked him about why the pitch was cancelled and it took so long for the project to come alive.

“I don’t think anyone believed you could make a real-world game fly – and in 1995, they might have been right.” Spector, who now serves as Director for the University of Austin’s game academy, knew this was a challenge at the time too, but remained unfazed by the obstacles ahead and continued to promote the project regardless.

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I couldn’t sell the concepts to money people; the technology wasn’t up to the job; I didn’t have a team that wanted to make [it]; publishers weren’t interested…” By the time Spector did manage to get a studio interested in his idea he’d been playing with the ideas for five years and it had changed direction several times.

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