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I get that but I would have preferred a more dramatic scene of Arthur sneaking into the house and killing Rita in the bathtub like we saw Arthur do to the girl in the first episode of the season.

All the while watching suspensfully for whether or not Dexter would show to save the day.

Wife and I started watching this series a couple months ago. Dexter still has three kids to take care of so even without Rita he is still going to have to try to be a happy family man that kills people.

I dont see why they couldnt have continued to coexist.

They hardly go out together but when they do it’s always with a group of people so no one would suspect he’s with someone.

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Mic’s first wife was Amy Spanger they got married on 2007 and divorced on 2007 , second wife was Jennifer Carpenter who starred as his sister Debra Morgan in Dexter last December.

Rumors about him dating Julia Stiles began, their alleged fling began when Julia portrayed Lumen in Dexter today a sourced said that Julia was not real..

“The Julia Stiles speculation last season was an ‘inside’ lie created to use Julia as a scapegoat and throw people off,” The same thing “Julia as a scapegoat” came out of Hall’ girlfriend Vanessa Abrue, that same source added details about Hall’s relation with new girlfriend Vanessa Abrue…

“No one would ever suspect these two were together because she isn’t what anyone would expect Michael to be with,” the insider said.

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They mostly hang out at Michael’s house, but when she does go out in public with him it’s only with others and she walks at a distance.

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