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What you can change, though, through your involvement in a support group, is how well you cope with these struggles.

through gaining new insight into the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are impacting the problem.

Therapy groups are the exact opposite in this regard.

Because the goal of a therapy group is deep, personal exploration that leads to change, you need a safe, contained environment where participants can be honest and emotionally vulnerable without worrying about how it will affect their personal lives.

Members coming and going would be disruptive to the process because the absent members would miss out on important disclosures or a conversation that occurred in one session could not be continued in the next session.

Therefore, most groups require an initial time commitment of two to three months participation in the group, regular attendance (with some exceptions), and when it’s time for a member to leave the group that the group has three sessions to say goodbye and express their feelings about the end of that relationship.

But after speaking with them, I realize that many of these people would actually benefit more from a therapy group and that’s actually what they’re looking for.

How this is done is by group members being willing to investigate how they think, feel and behave in group and in life.

Group members express how they feel about the circumstances and relationships in their life as well as how they feel in the group.

In a support group, group members share a common issue such as a divorce support group, a cancer support group or a grief support group.

You wouldn’t have someone coping with cancer in the same group as someone coping with divorce.

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