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An executive convention on the management, mobile and business for Product/service.

It invites people to diminish themselves and dehumanize themselves by behaving like machines…”Even though Mc Kenna’s criticism of culture may be both a generalization and far too grating, its application is most relevant in regards to intrinsically Eurocentric systems like capitalism, which tend to pose a diminishing threat against dwindling cultures like those of many South American countries.

There is a moment in “Tiempo Compartido” where Andres is talking to one of his coworkers, who irritatingly notices that Andres signed up for English classes.

Perplexed, Andres replies, “I just want to improve. I don’t know.” Andres’ words serve a larger importance than a personal one.

Of the first 100 channels ony 10 are entertainment the remainder are in Spanish or selling something.

The next 100 are pay per view, and only 69 of the next 100 are programming.

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