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I truly find it hard to put into words how creepy I find the whole concept of the show.Channel 4 have voyeuristically exploited a vulnerable group of people in society to entertain the masses, and it makes me sick.The patronising and exploitative nature of the show has in the past garnered huge amounts of criticism, but apparently, enough of the British public still watches it to make it worth another few years of broadcasting.As a vocal advocate for disability awareness and positive representation in the media and wider public sphere, the news naturally doesn’t make me particularly happy.

Bad naming skills aside, ‘The Undateables’ has a serious issue with infantilising fully grown adults.

The struggles that non-able-bodied people often face in a society that doesn’t factor them in are not entertainment.

The British Library’s information page on Victorian freakshows describes the appeal of the outdated format of entertainment as quenching “the public thirst for stories of adventure, struggle and hardship”.

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