If you take a walk through Croatian downtowns during working hours you might be surprised by the amount of people in bars and restaurants.

TAKE INITIATIVE A scenario in which a Croatian chick approaches a guy, asks him out on a date or makes a first move is highly unlikely.

One man’s mountain is a mere molehill when Musk-think is applied.

One side-effect of which was making me feel I was now about to review an antique by comparison.

1912 - Albania independent 1913 - Turkey loses most of European lands, Coup D'etat in Turkey 1914 - opening of the Panama Canal (another source said 1913).

Therefore, we like to eat well, we like to drink well and to enjoy life as much as we can, even if it means not working too hard sometimes.

“She felt really betrayed when Jeremy left her and it hurt seeing pictures of him with Chloe - jetting all over the world and hanging out on yachts.

DJ was dating Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Granville, 45, but the couple split up in January.“Now she’s moving on and has found her own billionaire to have some fun with.

At least, not compared to, say, the Audis, Mercs or Jaguar Land Rovers of this world.

Never having driven it, I can’t say how many for sure, but just looking at it online was enough for me to experience an attack of two-dimensional vertigo.

In the fast-growing SUV sector, manufacturers need an extreme USP to make a real splash.

“Melissa and DJ seemed to be getting very close at the concert and are clearly having lots of fun together.

“He has also just come out of a relationship too so it’s early days for them both but they are just enjoying themselves and seeing what happens.” DJ is in line to inherit a huge slice of his billionaire father Donald Sr's fortune.

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For the next few weeks, months, years, whatever, we’re all going to have to hold hands, close our eyes and imagine Mr and Mrs Musk Senior never met and little Elon was never born, otherwise what’s the point?

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  1. For example, a woman was almost scammed after lots of intricate fraudulent behavior that nearly went over her head, but she began to grow suspicious when her “boyfriend”– who claimed to be a US citizen overseas for work, mailed her a box of paperwork for her to fill out.

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