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The founders are also very impressive and a pleasure to work with - their dedication and marketing skills in particular are admirable (as is their ability to throw a fun, engaging pet-friendly event).”“Nulo Field Marketing Manager Kat Easterling said she and her colleagues ‘jumped at the opportunity’ to partner with Dig.The collaboration ‘makes great sense, especially when [dog] nutrition and love are concerned,’ said Easterling... When we find those rock stars in the world, we nurture those relationships.’” -Austin Business Journal, 11/16/18Mars Petcare acquired Whistle, a maker of smart dog collars, for 7 million in 2015 with 100,000 subscribers, per reports.

Rowe Price, vaulting the Seattle-based company's valuation up to 5 million.

Pew Research Center says 15% of all American adults tried a mobile dating app in 2017, up from 3% in 2013. According to a study published by, more than half (53 percent) of pet parents would consider ending a relationship if their partner didn’t like dogs or was severely allergic, and a quarter of millennial dog people have actually continued a relationship or friendship just because they liked the person’s dog.

The majority (69 percent) of dog people agree that seeing someone is a dog lover would make them more interested in dating them, and one in three pet parents regularly brings their dog on dates.

More and more single millennials are turning to dog ownership, so the timing feels perfect for a service connecting singles through their love of pets.

I've used Dig myself since its launch and have found myself eager to check out my new matches (and their pups) every day - it feels like I'm dating for me AND my dog, which adds a fun new twist to the regular world of online dating.

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  1. if he'd never done that I'd still be with him going on 4 years. And he'd try to act like he wasn't romantic by acting tough and masculine, but every valentines day he would buy me stuff and for my bir thday he bought me a very expensive ring and christmas took me to Catalina Island.