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And I have no time for those that complain about misandry, reverse racism, discrimination against the beautiful, cisgendered people preoccupied with campaigning against transgendered people using the bathroom they want or heterosexuals that want to know why we can’t have a straight pride.People need to acknowledge when they are in a position of power and be grateful for that instead of battening down the hatches as though there are only a number of finite rights in this world.This type of imagery is not one I associate with sexiness but one that makes me think of my ancestors and what they must have gone through.A white lady hands me a whip and tells me to beat the black man standing next to me.Did she not find that it was all a bit uncomfortable?She replied: “I know what you are saying but you have to leave all of that at the door. “Most of the black people on the scene are ‘dom’ though so they don’t get whipped but they do the whipping. I get what you’re saying.” I go back to the bar when one woman lends me her ‘slave’ and he gives me a massage.There was also the crawling cage where men had to crawl on all fours.

Well, I have very little sympathy for those that try to equate two situations that are unbalanced to begin with.

There were various different sections including a trampling cage that had a carpet made up of men that were eager for women to walk all over them.

I asked if they weren’t afraid of being hurt but was reassured that these men (referred to as slaves) enjoyed it.

Eden believes some very important issues were raised and the director certainly got us all talking.

I saw many online discussions around what could be possibly going on and I was particularly drawn to those that mentioned gender equality.

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