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“The great crawling” in English does feature plenty of creepy crawlies though, including a thickly-accented German caterpillar called Heimlich whose subtle nuances are lost in the German version of the film. The ice princes - Blades of Glory Die Eisprinzen, or “The ice princes”, isn't a long lost Hans Christian Andersen story being prepped by Disney as the sequel to “Frozen”.It's how Germans know “Blades of Glory”, the 2007 ice-skating comedy, starring Will Ferrell and Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder. Dating Queen - Trainwreck For this 2015 comedy starring Amy Schumer, Germans decided to stick with an English title and simply called it "Dating Queen"."Straight in the balls" has a less heroic ring to it than the official title, “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”.The film charts Peter La Fleur's (Vaughn) struggles to raise the money to save his Average Joe's gym by competing in unusually high-paying dodgeball tournaments, and taking a few balls to the nuts in the process. I believe a horse kicked me - Animal House Perhaps the strangest interpretation on the list as no horse kicking actually takes place in "National Lampoon's Animal House" and its depiction of American fraternity life.The Geothermal Park in village Hveragerði, where greenhouses heated with geothermal energy are a prominent feature, is 30 km (18.5 mi) away.Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the Northen Lights.

Being Northern Lights friendly means they offer some extra services in regards to the Northern Lights.

Apologies to anyone who doesn't want the plot of Dodgeball ruined for them.

This 2004 film, starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, essentially revolves around people being hit in the Nüsse by dodgeballs.

The film does however feature several horse-related incidents.

Animal House's German title, Ich glaub', mich tritt ein Pferd, literally means “I believe a horse kicked me”, but it's also a phrase expressing astonishment that can be translated as something like "well, blow me down". The German translation, Stirb langsam, of the 1980s thriller that made Bruce Willis a household name doesn't really reflect its fast-paced content.

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  1. I took that confidence with me, stepped up to the tee and swung and hit nothing. After about an hour of this, I finally made an excuse and told him it was time to go home.