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To change the username of an account, use the vipw command.See the vipw command page for additional information about this command. See the chfn command page for additional information about this command.Enter this command at the prompt to change your password.You need to know the current password before being able to change the password to a new password.

To change the username of an account on Windows XP, you need to have an account with administrator rights.This workshop goes deeper into this topic than the Love Your Single Life course does.But it does only cover this one topic, whereas Love Your Single Life talks about our single and dating lives as a whole.You can find much more of that information in my Love Your Single Life course!This workshop is a concentrated, deep dive into this one specific struggle we face when we're single and dating: Where and how to meet great guys.

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(As well as giving you ideas you may not have thought of before).

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