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Andrew “Drew” Roy was created in Clanton, Alabama on the 16th of Might 1986.Drew’s biography reveals that, while their studies at the Chilton County SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Drew initially wished to become a Doctor.– In ’09 2009, Drew performed the type of Travis Benjamin in Lincoln Heights.The same yr, he performed the illustrious part of Griffin in ICarly from 2009-2010.He has been going after his acting profession since 2004.In ’09 2009, he made an appearance in the short film Tag.Through the initial times of Hannah Montana, Drew was also rumored to be as well as Miley Cyrus.Drew is currently happily wedded to Renne Gardner Roy.

This year 2010, he made an appearance in the film Costa Rican Summer season.He operates beneath the Twitter deal with @drew_roy.Aside from Twitter he’s also seen getting together with his followers on Instagram & Facebook.Nevertheless, it was the type of Jesse in Hannah Montana, the love curiosity of Hannah that was performed by Miley Cyrus, that propelled Drew to fame & produced him a heartthrob. His personality of Doobie in Costa Rican Summer season further put into his charm in acting.Another main role performed by Drew which produced him popular was the portrayal of a well balanced Owner Seth Hancock in Secretariat (2010).

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Discover, how much money does Drew's have in this year. Drew Roy is included in the list of 32 years old famous TV Actor.

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