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A tree ring survey of the timbers would be informative.

Kinton Farm, Leintwardine had also been investigated by Mr James. An examination of the roof timbers in the 3 early bays, probably 1450 – 1500, suggested that the roof had been originally half-hipped.

However, an inspection of the building’s other elevations & internally often revealed its origins & many historic treasures.James Norton mentions ‘actor, Londoner and mouth trumpeter’ in his introduction; he is much more to that. People know him for he has starred in numerous movies and TV shows throughout his career.James is an attractive celebrity standing tall with the height of 6 feet and 1 inch; his warm personality is loved by his fans.He showed, with many examples , some of the indicators used in his detective work to establish a building’s history.These included: – the profile & character of the external & internal timber work mouldings; -the inclination of saw marks on timbers from which it is possible to date the building to before or after the 1530s; – the nature of the individual bricks [coal & wood-fired kiln bricks vary in their hardness] & the nature of the brickwork; – smoke blackening of roof timbers, possibly indicating an early smoke bay [pre-chimneys]; – the re-use of timbers from older buildings, etc.

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