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The stamping on the underside of the shank is in great shape. Using the information on pipephil’s site I was able to interpret the stamping on the underside of the pipe (The 250 F/T stamp tells me the pipe is a shape number 250 while the F/T tells me that the stem is a fish tail stem. I reamed the bowl to remove the cake on the walls and the debris of tobacco shards that still remained.I rinsed the bowl off with warm running water to remove the product and the grime. Once I had it clean I wiped it off with alcohol on a cotton pad.I used a Walnut stain pen to touch up the stain on the worn outer edges of the bowl and the rim top.I sanded the bowl with 220 grit sandpaper wrapped around a piece of dowel.

I also took close up photos of the stem surface before I did the cleanup. That is followed by Made in England with the superscript 4 and a Circle 2S.I was contacted by a pipe friend a little while ago to see if I would be interested in sprucing up an estate pipe he had recently won on e Bay. The buyer was quite excited about this project – not only is it his first Dunhill, but it’s also a…Blog by Steve Laug Not too long ago I received an email from a fellow in California who I have repaired a few pipes for over the years.The Shell Briar stamp refers to the sandblast finish. I used a Pip Net pipe reamer with the first two cutting heads to start the process.The number 4 following the Made in England stamp identifies the date as 1964. I followed that with a Savinelli Fitsall Pipe Knife to clean up the remaining cake in the bottom portion of the bowl and near the entry of the airway into the chamber.

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