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One of the biggest early dating mistakes is communication problems.

This is something that a lot of women just won’t put up with.

Instead of looking for someone that is exactly like you when it comes to preferences, learn how to explore and appreciate the differences. Besides, it is rude and inconsiderate to be sarcastic, put down or to make fun of something that your date finds appealing or interesting. If a Sagittarius is enthusiastic about anything that does not float your boat, be careful how you handle it.

You will come across as mean and bullying if you make fun of someone just because they’re into things that you’re not. They are driven crazy by anyone who tries to put a dampner on their enthusiasm.

No one wants a glimpse of the excess baggage you’ll be bringing along if they carry on dating you.

Talking about your Ex is selfish and inconsiderate.

Bringing your Ex into the conversation, is a BIG early dating mistake.

If those people are half listening while distracted by their phones, this drives Pisces mad.

Learning the early dating mistakes to avoid can help you keep the dating going.

Listed below, in no particular order, are some of the worst early dating mistakes you need to avoid and the Star Signs who you won’t impress.

Women put more of an emphasis on communication than men because this is how women relate – well most of them anyway!

Geminis are compulsive communicators, but they do enjoy conversation.

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However, when you’re left waiting for Mr or Miss Right to come along, you can’t be blamed for sometimes starting to think the opposite sex is just far too picky.

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