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The result — the World’s Largest Guitar Effect Pedalboard consisting of 319 effects pedals on 34 individual pedalboards.

A retired police officer in Dearborn, Michigan, Margittay has found a second act as a crusader, and his cause is to root out, expose, and rid the world of shifty carnival games.

[Read: 25 compliments that a guy will never forget] Replying to people #22 Always follow up with questions that require open-ended answers.

Don’t ask questions that require a yes or no answer.

Making the first move #17 A good opener guarantees a close. #18 A simple “Hey,” “Hi” and “What’s Up” or any variation is only 10% effective. Pander to a person’s ego and you will find that the results are almost always positive. Nothing irks a woman more than a guy who only notices her for her appearance.

If you want to make an impression, use an effective pick up line. Some girls are vapid enough to take your compliment at face value, but we can’t guarantee anything more than a superficial arrangement like a hook-up.

He can't stand when fraud stands in the way of fun.

Dating organically has been the norm for millennia, but now that online dating is here to stay, you can easily find your perfect match in a sea of eligible daters within a specific range. Even though your choices are exponentially better, you are still dealing with actual human beings. The difference is that your motives are more transparent when you start off with online dating.

Add at least one picture that shows them a general idea of your body type. One of the worst pet peeves that online daters report is people who don’t look like their actual photos. You’ll only feel worse when the person you’re seeing calls you out on your duplicity. Say something that you’re sure no one else has ever used before. Try to start with something that references their profile.

Don’t be the incessant, creepy person who follows up on unanswered messages every few days.

If they don’t reply after a couple of days, the conversation’s dead.

Using advanced algorithms, online dating sites can help you find the most compatible match in just a few minutes. So, how do you apply yourself in order to maximize your full potential?

[Read: 9 social media sites to use to get a date] Write an awesome bio #1 Keep your bio short.

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If you’re not feeling creative, use longer greetings like: “How’s it going? #21 Make sure to compliment men on their appearance.

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