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For my own divorce, I came up with these Five Principles for Positive Co-Parenting: I often think about Elizabeth, a twenty-something from a tiny Texas town whose parents divorced when she was two.As a child, she and her mother lived with her grandparents, while her dad moved to a cattle ranch nearby.Now they know that they have two parents who love them fiercely, are devoted to them and to our family, but are not romantic partners.I think it is absurd to act like no matter the circumstance the best thing for your child's happiness is to stay in a poisonous and non functional marriage.Wasn’t a marginal marriage a better choice, really, than no marriage at all? For one thing, staying in my marriage was no longer an option.

Rather than feeling isolated, the divorce wound up broadening her sense of support."Sure, research shows that the vast majority of kids of divorce show no lasting negative effects on their grades or social skills, life satisfaction or self-esteem." Um....it doesn't? I'm taking child psychology right now, and they say divorce is bad for their development, it's just not as bad as being in a home with constant conflict. They don't give you information about individuals, though some newer modeling methods do try to slice groups into smaller divisions.Here's some info about the work of one of the leading marriage and family researchers that might help you.“I felt more loved than I think I would have had they stayed married,” Elizabeth told me.Parenting while divorced may require some new education, some extra attention paid to your own mental and physical state, and to your children’s.

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