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Click Here said on 30/Apr/14We are huge Lord of the Rings fans and we all agree that Frodo looks different heights in different scenes.

When he's talking to Sam in The Dead Marshes, he looks taller than he does in the Prancing Pony.

Apparently it's Elijah Wood not the camera that makes Frodo different sizes.

By the way, Elijah, you are an awesome actor and a wonderful Frodo.

'Make that 5ft 7in on a good day" said on 21/Mar/19I've just noticed Elijah's name pop up as a co-producer of the film 'Mandy', which has 5-stars in every review I've read.

It stars Nicolas Cage and I plan to see it some time today. said on 27/Aug/[email protected] Have you ever watched Green Street?

Happy Birthday to Elijah then, who will get 5ft5.75 on his Birthday from me, which is probably nearer his midday height.

said on 10/Oct/17You really think Elijah could be 5'5.75 out of bed Rob?

In an AOL Chat when he was 14 Elijah said "I'm about 5'4" and in 2001 Virginian Pilot, quoted: "I'm 5 foot 6, but Frodo is something like 3 feet". Another quote (from Birmingham Mail) mentioned him saying, "I'm 5ft 6in,' he says proudly.

I find that hard to believe having watched him over the years.

I think 5'5 is a little bit of a gift I feel like if you measued him in the evening he would be a little fraction under that. Anyway I'd say that if you look others 5ft 5in men in this site like Emile Hirsch, Woody Allen or Corey Feldman, they seem shorts, but not so shorts like Elijah. said on 8/Dec/16How can anyone not like Elijah Wood?

In these films, you can tell he is well below average, but there is no trickery involved as in the LOTR's, so he passes for his 'full' 5ft5!!!

Tiny and lovely is he, with the most enormous blue eyes!

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He will, of course, always be remembered for his role as the loveable 'Frodo' in 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy, but he has also been in film parts which are far from cute, to say the least! In it, he plays an incredibly messed up young man who has completely lost the plot, and he takes the scalps from girls once he's killed them in order to transform his mannequins! When I first saw it, I phoned my 'Lord of the Rings' fan boyfriend and told him that I had just seen Frodo playing a serial killer!

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