Emotional intimacy in dating

"That physical intimacy connects you, and it’s a pretty strong glue.

But what I think you’re experiencing is that "leading with sex" doesn’t "degrade" the conversation so much as it allows sex to stand in for intimacy in general.I have also been in a wonderful relationship with an amazing woman in this time but I was struggling to find the space I needed for myself. I have tried to be as upfront with everyone as possible about where I am and what I am looking for, but I only seem to disappoint and hurt people.And despite how good everything else was, I needed the space to find myself more. Maybe I can stop caring so much about the people I meet and their feelings toward me, but everyone I have met so far has been wonderful and worthy of some respect.What I think is happening is your partners are picking up on this desire. " but you’re investing in them emotionally and allowing them to invest in return, because that intimacy makes sex wonderful for you and them.Maybe you’re not going the full "we’re in a relationship" distance with your intimacy, but you might be going farther than you realize.

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