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He tweets for Beren and say I LOVE YOU to her and also send her pictures of their wedding ring (So sweet) Later on both of them come in a relationship (long term or we can say life time relationship) Further moving , after Beren's drama "Fatmagul" their were rumors that Beren has broken up with Kenan Dogulu and now she is in relationship with Engin Akyurek (her co-star in the same drama) but .....!Turkish actress Beren Saat puts an end to rumors regarding her relationship with her co-star Engin Akyürek, known as Karim in the series "Fatmagul'un suçu ne? Rumor that Beren and her family invited Kenan and his family for dinner but his family refused and did not attend, but Kenan's mother and brothers denied this rumor later on, and explained that they have nothing against Beren and Kenan getting married!Engin Akyurek was born on 12 October 1981, Ankara, Turkey. His debut acting was in TV Series “Bir Bulut Olsam”,which was written by Meral Okay. Engin Akyürek was born in 12th of September 1981 in Ankara. But, the most important, distinguishing factor is talent." Thereafter, he starred in the role of Nizipli Halim in the TV series, Karayilan, a story that took place in Gaziantep (2007–2008), a story that took place during the French Occupation.

He has starred as Tekin in a movie called Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi written and directed by Kerem Deren. He came back to the TV screens with Omer character in Kara Para Aşk in 2014 for which he won best actor in Seoul International Drama Awards (2015) and was nominated for the International Emmy Award in Best actor category.

It was a story that so many people around the world can encounter with, but it was also a very risky story. But, it is a little bit sociological thing that people from different geography watch Turkish dramas. I am interested in both the content of this journal and writing stories for it.

In the past, people from the same geography used to watch me and we could understand that. We have a journal named “Kafasına Gore” which is launched in every two months.

A more recent gossip is Engin Akyürek has been dating with Tuvana Türkay since 2014.

But sometimes, the audience might not love the story. Engin Akyurek: I think, the criminal story there was so successful. Engin Akyurek: I think we don’t have a problem about story. Do you think that this country has a problem about story!

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