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Rational is always the wiser (and safer) option, as opposed to emotional.This has a direct effect on the way we express ourselves. It is best to be concise, to the point and completely direct.

Current Crosspaths First Class subscription price starts at USD/month. Speaking in circles or talking one’s ear off is considered not only annoying but also point-blank disrespectful.Everybody knows that time and energy are very limited resources, so we try to use them as efficiently as possible.A polite Estonian waits for silence, a question or simply their turn to talk. Whether we have something to say or not is determined by two main factors: the degree of self-consciousness of each individual and whether we believe we will contribute with something essential to what is already being said. Even old folks knew that “talking is silver, silence is golden” is a word my husband spontaneously invented one afternoon to describe me. The same goes for being on time and showing up for appointments. We even tend to use the verb “to worry” in the meaning of “to obtain”.It is a combination of the words sincere and serious. We are serious people – hardworking, responsible, rule-obedient, simple and transparent. For example, having (worrying) children, getting (worrying) a job, or buying (worrying) an apartment. However, when we do say something to you, we most definitely mean it. We might seem cold and rough on the outside but tend to be like a warm, fuzzy puppy, yearning for acceptance on the inside.

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