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Somehow the woman's movement has not caught up in this area. " "My treat" Just get it out there so noone has to feel awkward.

Are there other women out there that have had the man go off to the bathroom just in time for the check?

I would have offered to pay if I were her but not everyone thinks the same.

There are still men & women that think the man always pays.

Did you get the impression she only met you for a free meal? I always felt in dating and relationships it's best to communicate no matter how uncomfortable the topic.

Somehow the woman's movement has not caught up in this area.

**) that the next time would be my treat then, and I'd hold to that.

Not to an embarrassing extent where I was yanking the bill back and forth with him but I can't see being fed by another person for every meal every Saturday, LOL.

Does she want to go out forget your wallet..her you got the last one, this one's on her. Out of all the dates I've had I've never paid, even when I've offered, they look at me like Im crazy. Were other expenses involved (ropes or hiking-related things, park admission) and if so, who paid? But if the asker pays for the first meeting and then it gets extended to what could be considered a stand alone event, then I think it a good gesture for the second party to pick up the tab. I would be interested to hear how others feel about this....

I guess a lot of men like to spoil their ladies and that is just one way. I don't know that the women's movement comes into play as much as modern-day etiquette. I know that I don't like cheap and I don't like financially flamboyant. After talking with a woman for a while (yes online dating), she suggested we get together over the 4th.

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