Evemon not updating skills

It allows you to create and experiment with different ship fittings without the need to be in the game.

By adding your character information, it can let you know if you meet the requirements for the fitting or what skills you lack for the proper fit.

The EFT project has been abandoned by Gripen, its author, since March 2016.

Fitting stats on a variety of modules and ships have been changed since that time, and so EFT can now generate inaccurate fits. EVE Fitting Tool, or EFT, is one of the most widely used 3rd party applications by players.

To import the current skills from your character, click the 3rd small icon, named "API skill import".On the left side of the EFT screen, it will have various categories which can be expanded to find different modules.You may also search for specific types by typing the name in the search window at the top.When you have found the right implant, double-click it to add it to your character's stats.Active implants are displayed by a green check mark.

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Mousing over the various icons in each section will display specific information.

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