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I’d poke his hair down in one spot just to see how long the finger holes would stay.

“Don’t mess up the ’do,” he’d grin at me, reaching for his pick.

I remember the sound of it, rich and soulful, with music in the background: Motown and jazz that he’d play when my parents threw parties.

I remember the colors of those big nineteen-seventies bashes: bold red and turquoise plaids leaping from scratchy synthetics; paisleys in dizzying shades of orange, pink and purple.

We are also teachers, doctors, lawyers, dancers, writers, husbands, wives, same-sex partners, parents … Same-sex marriages don’t undermine marriage any more than same-race marriages do.My parents were married for forty-five years when my father died.In four and a half decades, their interracial marriage did not threaten the sanctity of anyone’s same-race marriage. I think it is time to acknowledge that marriage is a loving, committed relationship between two people who love and commit to one another.We’d eat dinner together most nights, breakfast most mornings.I wasn’t lonely; I had friends at school; I had my parents.

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