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wops Updated beos overlay driver, changed beos gfx driver IDs/constants to more pertinent ones updated API compatibility docs about latest Be OS changes Fixed small makefile bug a library named with an italian word should welcome in italian too ;) Core changes in preparation to the OSX port commit Initial Mac OS X port OSX fixes to the keyboard driver, fullscreen driver now fades to black before doing mode switches fixed compiling under OSX Added support for bundled applications Added support for bundled applications Fixed support for bundled applications removed tmpfiles from obj/macosx/all* Made Allegro aware of the OSX support keyboard driver fixes and a hack to make keyconf to work Fixed system version detection, added proper mouse buttons detection via HID Manager and buttons emulation if needed.Also added a MIDI driver Added a Mac OS X digital sound driver Added support for compiling shared library (now default) Added an install_framework makefile target Added an install-template makefile target to install an Allegro application Project Builder template fixed a crash on exit due to Quick Time Note Allocator and multithreading fixed a weird mouse behaviour on gfx mode startup, and fixed position_mouse() implementation Added hw accelerated VRAM-VRAM blit support new OSX build instructions and todo update Implemented mode list fetching for fullscreen driver made exlights endianess safe updated readme with Mac OS X notes Peter Hull reported problems compiling with pre-December 2002 Developer Tools use GFX_AUTODETECT if GFX_AUTODETECT_FULLSCREEN fails speeded up compile process using header magic; now PB template uses a C source forgot to update this Documented the Mac OS X port and added system bitmaps support Fixed weird 8bpp C draw_trans_sprite() behaviour made windowed apps not to crash anymore on desktop resolution change hum, last patch was broken; here is the fix documented weird draw_trans_sprite() behaviour with 8bpp sprites made the framework to link to lib in /usr/local/lib instead of having its own local copy fixed a small bug in cursor management made allegro_message() to output to stderr too Fixed the window deminiaturization animation bug Fixed a couple of color conversion bugs Removed dependency from _unix_bg_man and fixed some bugs made apps not to hang on iconification Added a trick to allow self-contained application bundles, holding all your application data Corrected working directory behaviour when inside bundle Updated OSX docs Some small fixes, and forced the use of main() magic also when ALLEGRO_USE_CONSOLE is defined Reverted to old ALLEGRO_USE_CONSOLE behaviour, renamed KEY_APPLE to KEY_COMMAND and added a KB_COMMAND_FLAG for consistency under OSX, moved header declarations into aintosx.h so they only get included by OSX files Added fixbundle utility Small bugfixes, code cleanups, removed Carbon dependency, implemented unified HID Manager interface for both mouse and future joystick driver and consequently fixed mouse buttons detection Forgot to commit this Removed END_OF_MAIN trailing semi-colon made docs aware of fixbundle Added _al_rand() and replaced rand() with it all over the library little makefiles tweaks, added a local autorelease pool to the events handler to remove memory leaks Moved palette updating to the main thread to speed it up Fixed a small memory leak Found and fixed a bug that was causing random crashes at windowed mode startup reduced CPU usage by skipping view locking and flushing if no dirty lines are found in the window updater routine small bugfix Static linking requires Carbon Hopefully fixed compiling under OSX 10.1.x Patch to make the lib to compile with April 2002 Developer Tools More fixes to make the lib to compile with OSX.1.x Another round of little fixes to compile on 10.1.x Got an USB joystick so here is the implemented HID joystick driver :) forgot to commit drivers.m and to remove debug stuff from hidman.m updated todo Made OSX clean target not to use -v (not working on 10.1.x) and added an install-man target Commited the AL_RAND() patch Updated Mac OSX todo list pthread_sigmask() doesn't work under Mac OS X Updated makefile Fixed previously inverted hat up/down asis increments Mouse detection doesn't seem to work under OSX.1.x...

Readded the possibility to strip symbols; gcc shipped with 10.1.x did not support the -s switch mouse should not work if no gfx mode is set or if focus is on a system message box fixed typo Reused screen on first video bitmap creation; made screen fades on mode switches faster.

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