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If you’re single, then I’m sorry but you won’t be able to play this game.

Apple's Reminders app is getting big overhaul in i OS 13 that makes it a much more capable productivity app.

We recommend the best apps for your i Phone , i Pad , and Mac .

The app is crisp and clean and takes the time to walk you through set-up in four easy steps, but Apple’s App Store however, headed in a very different direction.

Finally, last but not least, the combination training platform and trainer app, Xert, has made available their i OS app. Having a couple based app is one thing, but maybe you want your device to be more representative of your couple status.

Holy cow, Amazon still wants to give you free money! To setup the heart rate sensor in Apple Health on i OS, follow these steps: Bluetooth settings menu, you should see that “HR-Bose Sound Sport Pulse” appears (it might take a couple seconds to appear). Unfortunately, Trail Wallet is currently only available for i OS and so for the Android users among us, some of the best budget tracking options include Easy Money and Toshl.

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