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Unlike it's predecessors, Facebook's new feature will have access to all of the data stored on the social media site - but will only use first names for the dating profile.

This means the dating hub will be able to create matches based on events both users are going to, or interested in, and even places they like to visit.

The world's largest social media platform announced on May 2 that they would be stepping into the dating app arena.

With Facebook's new dating hub on the way we've rounded up everything we now about the matching making service.

The idea is that daters want to better their odds by being on multiple apps at once, even if they all contain the same suitors.

The dating hub has a built in safety feature which only allows text based messages to be sent between new matches at first and dating messages will be kept separate from messenger.

It will also use an algorithm to make sure you don't accidentally match with someone already on your friends list.

A data breach becomes even more worrisome when it can expose an individual’s deepest secrets.

A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on Facebook Dating’s security policies.

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