First pof dating experience singles

Your messages to other members should always be kind.

If your message is reported by another member, the offense will be investigated.

Never display sensitive personal information on your profile that could compromise the personal privacy and safety of yourself or someone else.

When messaging other members on Plenty of Fish, don’t share more than you are comfortable with.

Do not send a message containing unwelcome sexual propositions or sexually explicit content.

To protect yourself and other members, you should never publicly or privately share private information that belongs to you or someone else.

This should go without saying, but do not use Plenty of Fish to do anything illegal.

You should never solicit another member for their private information, which includes, but not limited to, information such as passwords, SSN / SIN, financial information, and home or work address.

Any information regarding a member, public or private, shall not be used for business/commercial use or any other unlawful or nefarious purpose.

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