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Tetanus is a toxi-infection, since the toxin produced by the causal agent is responsible for all the symptoms that accompany the development of the disease.

This explains why many attempts have been made to purify the toxin.

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Its most prominent feature is its very high toxicity.

The injection of animals with the toxoid resulting from the formaldehyde detoxification of the toxin molecule elicits the formation of two antibody populations, one of which is precipitating and neutralizing, the other being precipitating but not neutralizing.

β-thalassemia is a disease characterized by anemia and is associated with ineffective erythropoiesis and iron dysregulation resulting in iron overload.

The peptide hormone hepcidin regulates iron metabolism, and insufficient hepcidin synthesis is responsible for iron overload in minimally transfused patients with this disease.

The minimal effective dose of hp GRF-29 was an unprecedented 0.4 × 10] hp GRF-29, another analog that differed from hp GRF-29 by the insertion of a D-isomer for the naturally occurring L-residue, was about 10,000 times less effective in stimulating GH secretion than was hp GRF-29 itself.Male pituitaries, dispersed by a combination of trypsin digestion and mechanical agitation, were plated at a density of 200,000 cells per well and cultured for 4 days.The attached cells were then stimulated with synthetic hp GRF which was comprised of the first 29 residues of the larger, originally isolated forms and which was amidated at the C-terminal (hp GRF-29).Potencies of these and other analogs with respect to GH release .Thus, this primary cell culture provides an extremely sensitive, selective, and reproducible system for studying hp GRF structure-activity relationships.

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