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She is like a hungry huntress of trouser snake who can summon those serpents just with a flick of her cum-hither finger, or by hiking up her skirt and letting her vajeen waft around the room.

She’s got those wide eyes that can spot a boner hiding in some pants from a mile away.

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Shay works out, eats right, and takes care of herself; her exercise is mostly fucking, her diet is mostly pussy juice and man splooge, and when we say she takes care of herself, we mean she gets other people to help give her the ultimate O-face.

Shay loves dominating young lesbian wannabe sluts just as much as making dicks disappear in her holes.

She tells me she wished more guys were like me and that she thinks I like dating older women. What happens next, well, it’s not what I expected after a date with my Mom of all girls.. I sneak up and look in the door and she’s touching herself! And when she notices I’m there watching, she beckons me to her..

Part Two: My Mom’s door is open a little bit and I hear her..

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