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What’s interesting is that there have been claims that master seducers that men have been using fractionation to sleep with the women they lay their eyes on… For a brief period, there has been effort to keep the technique “contained” inside the seduction community since there have been reported abuse of the technique.Given the exposure of this technique to the outside world (especially from Neil Strauss’ book, and also Derek Rake’s program, the infamous Side-note: If you’re a woman and you wonder why you suddenly develop deep attraction to a guy that you have just met, then chances are that he has used this technique on you one way or the other.n this special installment of Seduction FAQ, we delve into one of the most controversial dating techniques ever invented by man – fractionation.

Fractionation is a technique developed and popularized by Derek Rake.

There’s also a short PDF guide on fractionation seduction examples which you can literally use tonight if you want to.

: If you decide to use the technique above then you will have to be responsible for any actions that you choose to take.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it all depends on the INTENTION of the guy who uses the technique on you.

As far as the “morality” is concerned, it’s quite irrelevant.

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