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Janine Kennedy, our Canadian expat chef, shares her tips and recipes for classic Irish recipes along with stories of her life in Ireland. Today Janine tells us about the pagan version of Halloween in Ireland — Samhain — and shares her recipe for barmbrack, a tea loaf that is traditional for both eating and fortune-telling at this holiday.

However I also have some great cooking memories with my grandpa who lived not too far from me growing up that I treasure and would happily re-live.

There are a few recipes that my mum still makes, and I do too now and then, that came from my grandparents, and this Irish brack fruit loaf is one of them.

Another tradition the Irish hold dear is the eating of barmbrack (or bairín breac, in Irish) at Halloween.I grew up listening to spooky stories and cautionary tales from the elders around my community, so I spend a lot of time plying my father-in-law with tea and cake in return for local lore.With Ireland’s knack for spooky storytelling comes a whole host (no pun intended) of other Halloween, or, for those who still celebrate pagan holidays, Samhain traditions.He said he found the comb at the Ring Fort and jokingly implied that “someone may come looking for it,” meaning the faeries might be upset that their home was disturbed.Later that night, someone saw the window open slightly, a small hand reach in and grab the comb, and gently close the window again.

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